Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Light it up for a BUCK!

 WOW! I have to give this cheapy polish its dues.  
This is Wet and Wild-Sparkling Enchantment it was .99 cents at CVS. I only applied 3 coats (very messily) with no base color or base coat just to check it out. I am shocked at the glitter coverage, it is pure bling! I never liked glitters in the past but I have learned to love them after seeing on other blogs and LHCF how beautiful they can be. I have to use a really thick top coat so I feel secure in the knowledge I won't have some stray piece on my face somewhere. For this I tried another affordable polish Sally Hensen's Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat it was 6.99 also at CVS. Those stupid reward bucks always hook me in, I have a love hate relationship with CVS. It's next door to my house and while it's no Meijer ( I ♥ Meijer)...*cough*... it ..IS ...NEXT ...DOOR my house. 

So this mega shine stuff boasts "no more smudges dries in 60 seconds" and truthfully so far so good. Poshe is really only about a dollar more and it may look like a smaller bottle but it weights in at .5 fl oz while Mega shine come in at .43 fl oz. but as most of you know I am mad at Poshe, Poshe is DEAD to me.

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