Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Haul!!! :)

This is my haul this month, I wasn't supposed to get colored polish. I am low on top coats and base coats and I told myself over and over again on my way to the store what to buy, but did I listen?! Nooooo! I took the top coat out of my cart just so I could afford another polish. At least I stuck to the budget even if I didn't get what was on my list. Some of the colors were on sale, so thats how I'm rationalizing this. I also needed something spring, and plus I haven't posted enough this week so these will give me something new to swatch. Ok that's good enough, I've convinced myself I did the right thing. :)
Top row 
Studio M*-Thunderbolt, Studio M-Sweet Dreams, SH Insta-Dry-Mint Sprint, Studio M- Sexy Siren, Studio M- Tru Passion

Bottom row 
Studio M-French Tip (so excited to see if this works with my Konad), Studio M- Frenzy, SH Insta-Dry-Sonic Boom, Studio M- Neon Greenlight, Studio M-Whose that girl, Studio M-Honey Love, Studio M- Gold glitter

I normally like a big brush but not with the Sally Hensen Insta-Dry its just TOO BIG!

*Studio M is Massini from Mejier its their newer label but the same company and product quality.


  1. Nice haul. You better get some top coat though. :o)

  2. Oh gosh I know! I have to tilt the bottle now. Why can't these things come the size of acetone? How great would that be? Thanks for checking out my blog I love yours! :)

  3. They do. You can get Poshe and SV in a 6 ounce size. That is pretty big.
    Thanks for liking my blog,

  4. WOW! You Rock Susie!
    I'm going to go google for those now!