Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Early Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

And lame shamrock nail art to all!
It was my first time trying to do anything other than a heart or line free hand.

Here is a little know fact about me. I went to Catholic School for lower and middle school. These were our school colors gold and green, we were also the fighting Irish! So when I think Irish, I think peter pan collars, plaid jumpers, and chocolate milk with fish on Fridays. I really should have done plaid but this is my new plate M63 and I just had to use it! This Orly-Solid Gold and Massini-Fall promo aka Muddy Swamp. Massini you FAIL on naming polish there are like 6 fall promo shades all named exactly the same thing as much as I LOVE you, its annoying I had to name it myself. Its a weird green but I found out the other day it just looks green check out what it does when you mix it with white.

I will so have to franken with this, I wish I had bought more than one bottle.  For the moment I only want 2 more I saw on Ebay for $6.99 each with free shipping M77 and M64. I told myself to hold off on buying them till Monday because they won't ship on a Sunday. I am secretly hoping I forget, I did just get a plate in the mail 14 hours ago LOL. There is no way this is staying on till the real Saint Paddy's day. Its just okay, as I've mentioned I'm a member of Nail fanatics over at LHCF and today starts Green and March Madness college basketball week, so I have to try to somehow rock the Buckeyes!