Friday, March 12, 2010

Insomniac seeing Plaid

I have never been able to sleep well. I get cat naps or I go till I crash, its always been this way. When my father was alive and I was little, he would catch me reading books by the light of my alarm clock. He would let me get up and read next to him, while he made overseas calls. If I was still up when he was ready for bed he would walk me back and forth to the mailbox (we had a long driveway) and we'd talk till I got sleepy. He never got angry about it, we'd just let my mom sleep and as long as I was ready for school in the morning he was quiet about it. He was the same way, it has to be genetic so I think he just understood. Truthfully, I think he understood me better than anyone ever has.
Anyhoo on to the good stuff. This is my new Klean Colors-Dark Brown with Konad M60 on the ring finger. I stamped it once with Wet and Wild-Dreamy Poppy (the .95 kind) and the stamped again with the same image in Sally Hensen's Xtreme Wear-Mellow Yellow. My first impression of Klean is the application is great but thick and slow drying. Next time I will try to put it on more thinly, a challenge for me. This Plaid image is so difficult it takes crazy practice. The lines have to go on the stamper straight and on your nail and then you must have a smooth application which I'm missing. All that aside I love it! I want to do it on each nail but I really think it's best for me to let it be. I had to go through all my stamping pink polishes to get to this one the brown kept changing the pink funny colors. I have to get more of this Sally's line with stamping it never fails.

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