Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amusing Disaster

So I went to paint my nails I was using the Klean Colors-Neon Yellow. While I was waiting forever for it to dry I turned on that new show Who Do You Think You Are, the Emmitt Smith episode.... Mistake.... I cried like a little baby, I mean I sobbed and started wiping my face. Yep, forgot my nail polish was wet and now I look like one of those football fans with face paint on my cheeks. I hate having to use acetone on my face but what else can I do? The show was so compelling I didn't even notice till it was over. I looked at my nails and wondered where all my polish went. I think my face must have frozen with a look of horror as I realized what must've happen. I even have polish on my eyelashes! I will start over later and take pictures, right now I have a moisture mask on my face to help contradict the use of acetone.

I love my face mask recipe, so here it is, I measure nothing so this is approximate.
Yogurt (better is better but use what you've got. I'll even use stuff that has expired)
Neem (Indian herb about a ts maybe a little more)
Turmeric (small pinch)
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil (about a ts)

BTW: I now love Emmitt Smith, his eyes twinkle!!!! I always love people whose eyes twinkle and he seemed so kind. I want one just like him! ;)


  1. OMG I am LMAO right now!!!! Btw, Richard Gere has a twinkle...