Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning manicure

I woke up and was just not feeling the orange, I'm glad you get 50 applications in a bottle because I used this stuff like lotion. This blue is so vampy I love it and it dries super fast. That's the main reason I used it, the speed, this is only 1 very thick coat. I apologize because its another Massini- Ballroom Blue and I know that's not available to everyone but the flowers are Sally Hensen's Xtreme Wear- The Real Teal with konad plate m57. I might put flowers over every nail but not right now. I have to go the the post office to mail some things to some great ladies over at . I have a idea tropical konad idea brewing that I might try later I'll keep ya posted.
This close up picture kinda freaks me out but I did it so the flowers would show.

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