Giveaways! ***UPDATED 3/17/10***


Wow such a great giveaway sponsored by Konadomnia! There is a bundle of good stuff you HAVE to check it out! If you love Konad like me you'll love her blog. My favorite is when she did the Konad over Cream Puff design. I have still been trying to duplicate it but China Glaze Cream Puff just doesn't look the same on me.


I have decided to have a stand alone page for giveaways and just update it when new ones are found. There are just so many wonderful giveaways going on, they deserve their own special spot and it kinda neatens things up in here.

Manicure Mommas is celebrating her 300th post, whew thats a lot of typing. She is having fun with this giveaway and asking cute trivia. So get over to her blog before the contest ends Monday March 22nd and win. One of the prizes is OPI's Jade is the new black, I love, LOVE this color!

Bright Lights, Big Color is giving away her favorite things and she has some great taste. Her giveaway has polish and chocolate, I don't know what I want to win more! It ends soon on March 19th so HURRY!

Babbling Brooke is giving one lucky blogger the BIG hook up with a blog makeover for the winner of her giveaway. I want to win but I think my blog is a little too advanced for me right now and I only have the basic set up, her blog on the other hand is gorgeous!! If you haven't been there check it out...And yes there is POLISH! This one ends March 27.

Good Luck Everyone one!!!