Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go Buckeyes! O-H......I-O!

Did this mani during the game on Sunday, while the Buckeyes killed Minnesota. I looked up the exact colors, Pantone 429 and Pantone 200 and matched them to polish. I giggled the whole time, I love how hardcore we are around here. It's a trip, people will correct you and say "It's THE Ohio State University don't forget the, THE." And you gotta love the Brutus The Buckeye FULL SIZE statues (yep, over 30 of 'em, bigger than people!) scattered through out the city, dressed as a variety of things, my favorite is Super Brutus but The Tin Man is cute too! There are so many more, at Brutus On Parade, and it raises money for one of THE OSU Libraries. I didn't realize the quirky things I had missed about the mid-west, until I moved back home.
I used my new Konad plate, AGAIN. I'm like a dog with a new bone and my other plates are jealous.
Sally Hensen Xtreme Wear- Cement Gray and Massini- Special Effects with plate M63.
I also ordered some Fauxnad plates off Ebay it the wee hours of the morning, so let the count down begin. I forget which country they are coming from but it will be at least seven business days. Plenty of time to tell you all about them, but so far they sent me a personal response to my email and that is a good sign. :)

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  1. Love this. :)
    What do you have for Fauxnad plates and where did you get them?