Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whoopie!!!! There are CRAZY giveaways going on! Part 1

I just found this giveaway and HURRY it ends tonight! This is from the blog Romika's Nails she is celebrating 100 followers! She started her blog because of her daughter Michèle over at lacquerized and they are two amazingly creative Dutch ladies with perfectly shaped nails! My mother's best friend was Dutch, a great lady who also had perfect nails. I loved the way she said vitamins when I was little and she had the best laugh. These Heromè products are intriguing, Good luck everyone! but I secretly hope I win LOL :) Romika uses lot of gems and neat nail art with unbelievable precision and Michèle has swatched every color I want and don't have. I just drool when I look at her page, plus she's a technology Queen, I bow to her. Her blog is a internet fantasy, her pictures are so sharp and her blog is so is my blog hero right now.

This next give away is from a blog I have read for awhile, The Manicured Manatee. She is who turned me onto China Glaze Matte Magic and made me want to like glitter. I have now bought a few, I have yet to wear them but because of her blog I might! I just have a phobia of it sticking to me, you know like stripper dust on your nose. You should really check out her blog, she's a LAUGH RIOT and has some killer swatches!

I found a few more I will post in a bit but enjoy these 2 for now. Hurry they both end soon! Happy winning!

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