Thursday, March 11, 2010

100 days till Summer!

Oh how I miss the sun. The warmth. The flowers.......
So I painted my nails my brightest color this is Orange Sunset by Massini. It's Day Glow Orange in person but on camera it turns a Coral color and I have no idea why. Now this baby is a neon, a new camera is on my wish list. I want to do a design over it but I am just looking at my polishes thinking what color could possibly go with this? What do you think? All I can come up with is with is white but that just seems to boring for a color this bright. I guess I'll sleep on it and maybe my new plate will arrive with the mail.
So excited for the M63 konad plate I ordered but its on back order (curse you back order! *fist-shake*).
I love hounds-tooth and the full plate images are just way too much fun. :)
Perhaps I should just let this color be, when ever I have a new toy I go a little overboard. Right now I want to put konad designs on everything and then cover it with my new bottle of China Glaze matte magic
I am going to try to retake this photo when the sun comes out maybe it will look orange in natural light.


  1. Hey it's Bianna125 from LHCF nail fanatics. I love that color on you! I think I'm feeling the bright colors over the pastels this spring.

  2. Hi Bianna Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Pastels are my favorite thing right now too! They just make me smile :)