Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whoopie!!!! There are CRAZY giveaways going on! Part 2

There were some many giveaways I had to split things up so this is part 2. I really should put one of those pages on the side that sticks there for giveaways. Hmmm I wonder how that works, I will research. Anyhoo, the first is a Mega giveaway hosted by Lyra at Nail Junkie. Look at this haul! It will be like Christmas for anyone who wins this. I love her blog she always makes me want a Konad plate I thought I didn't need.

Next is a giveaway from AllYouDesire. She is a great blogger celebrating her 500 well deserved followers. I love that sometimes she uses jewelry to inspire her designs and shows a picture of both. She is uber creative and sees inspiration everywhere. Here is my favorite mani of hers

And drum roll please....The last giveaway is from A Dash Of Sparkle she has a great blog filled with personal experiences and polish. She also host a lot of great giveaways, this being the most recent. I love OPI, I think I am one of the few rare people that love the big brush, so I really hope I win.

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