Friday, March 12, 2010

Small haul

I found Klean colors in Ohio!!!
Normally I dislike Rose Beauty Supply, even though it has the best name ever. The employee's, in the past, have been rude and the store is overpriced but today was different. I don't even know what made me stop, I was on my way to Meijer (my favorite store and the best store ever!) they carry Massini, I was fiending and wanted a polish fix. Seriously, it was like autopilot, I left the post office and suddenly I was on 70 east bound just boppin away to the radio like it was my plan all along. I wasn't even going to the closest location but this path lead me right by the BSS. Grumbling under my breath when I got there, telling myself to give the place 5 minutes and if I saw nothing, leave. Then while recovering from the shock of a friendly I saw the display.... Klean Nail Polish in person! I have never tried it before, never even seen it in RL but I have been dreaming of this yellow ever since I saw it swatched.  It was a sparse collection but there were the basic colors, pinks, reds, 1 yellow, 1 orange, some browns and a few glitters priced at $1.99. I purchased the Dark Brown with the Yellow Neon and a Huge bottle of acetone ($5.00). I plan on swatching the Dark brown first since it's still chocolate week over at LHCF. They also had NYX eyeliner and the lady said she'd look into getting eyeshadow, this place MUST have changed hands.

That random little wooden bottle is Tea Tree Oil, found at Meijer on clearance at 90% off now $1.49.
I <3 that store, if it were a cute guy I'd marry it! ;)

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